Modern Agile in Neuro Device

Agile is an approach to management that has been recently gaining currency among forward-looking businesses. It has been successfully applied by market leaders representing various industries, including Apple, Philips, Allegro and PZU.

Given that today’s business is inherently different than it was a dozen or so years ago, the traditional agile method had to undergo a facelift: today it is lighter, easier to apply and more flexible. It has been rid of rigid rules, a specific order and a complex hierarchy. They have been replaced with four great rules that create a framework and instil values into all processes that take place within a company:

* Make people awesome
The ultimate goal of employees should not be to develop perfect products or add value in the process of building an ideal business. This goal is to create a perfect person – customer, seller, agent – who through selling, presenting or using our product or service will be better and happier, and whose specific needs will be fulfilled.

* Make safety a prerequisite
Safety is one of the basic human needs, but also the key to our success. Fear can have a very destructive impact on one’s work: fear of expressing one’s opinion, fear of committing a mistake and of being criticised by one’s superiors. Therefore, before commencing work, employees should always feel that they are safe, important and have total trust of their employer. By the same token, the safety of the delivered products or services must be ensured.

* Experiment and learn rapidly
Fear of failure often holds us back and prevents us from taking action. We spend a lot of time looking for solutions that will be safe and prove a success right from the start. The modern agile approach allows you to experiment and learn from your mistakes. This will help you to work out the optimum solution faster, gain new experience and be successful.

* Deliver value continuously
If we are to work efficiently and deliver quality solutions, we must ensure continuous quality, so that the best solutions are implemented at each stage of the project. Only then will the highest quality be provided, regardless of the point at which the product shall reach the customer.

At Neuro Device we carry out a number a different projects simultaneously and our team is made up of scientists, engineers, business people and other specialists. This diversity undeniably provides us with many opportunities, but it is also a considerable challenge. Each of us has a slightly different approach and looks at the project from his/her own point of view. Since our common goal is to achieve good and consistent results, we have decided to introduce modern agile.
Does it work? We are very happy; the multitude of processes and the energy that flows through our offices and laboratories every day follows a single direction: it allows us to efficiently carry out subsequent projects and work out breakthrough solutions. We explore, search and perform difficult tasks. We feel that new experiences are of great value and we are not afraid to experiment. This is why we come up with such great ideas.

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